Matcha With Ginger Benefits (Best Guide)

IF you’ve ever wondered about the combined benefits of matcha and ginger then look no further!
These are all the matcha green tea with ginger benefits you’ve been looking for!

Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea With Ginger


Step aside apple cider vinegar because there is a new cure-all in town. You may have heard the term “liquid gold” in reference to many superior items out there, but when I say liquid gold, I’m talking about matcha green tea and ginger.
The health elixir of all elixirs. The almighty wellness potion, if you will.
The wholesome goodness of matcha green tea combined with the medicinal properties of ginger makes it a powerful elixir to treat a wide variety of ailments. When you think of starting a healthy diet, green tea often comes to mind first because of its long list of wellness benefits that have become widely known.
Even when it comes to ginger, you often associate it with nausea.
When your stomach feels upset, you tend to reach for the ginger ale to soothe your unsettled stomach because it’s a common, natural remedy that has been passed down for generations.
Matcha green tea is grown differently than standard green tea and has a unique health profile because it contains nutrients from the entire leaf. This results in a greater amount of antioxidants than in standard green tea leaves that are steeped or brewed.
Matcha has components that are responsible for aiding weight loss, promoting relaxation, and boosting heart health and circulation.
Ginger is classified as a rhizome and is closely related to turmeric.
It has been used for centuries to aid digestion, reduce nausea and help fight flu viruses. Ginger has a rather unique fragrance and flavor profile which can be attributed to its natural oils, the most important is known as gingerol.
Gingerol is the main bioactive compound in ginger and is responsible for the potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, giving it a supernatural-like power.
When this dynamic duo teams up, it can provide a calming effect, relieve pain, settle an upset stomach, fight against seasonal viruses, increase blood flow, and even boost the appearance of your skin.
I was not kidding when I referred to it as liquid gold!
This blend pairs the unique, earthy aroma and nuttiness of matcha with the zesty kick of ginger known for its soothing and calming properties.
Now let’s begin going through six amazing benefits that matcha green tea and ginger have to offer as a winning combo.

Promotes Relaxation

The blend of ginger and matcha works together on the nervous system to stimulate a sense of relaxation and calmness.
It’s the perfect way to start your day if you are feeling anxious or nervous about a considerable day at work, or you didn’t get enough sleep the night before.
If you are not much of a morning beverage consumer, perhaps trying the elixir in the evening may be your best bet to ingesting the soothing benefits for an effective way to wind down the day.
Even though there is caffeine in green tea, it does not make you jittery in the same way that coffee does.

Provides Pain Relief

Ginger and green tea both provide great healing benefits when it comes to pain due to their anti-inflammatory properties, which are beneficial for reducing discomfort caused by acute or chronic pain.
If consumed over time, it may aid in decreasing overall sensitivity to pain and can be used as a preventative measure for future occurrence, as well as decrease the use of over-the-counter pain medications such as NSAIDs.
Furthermore, studies have been conducted to show that green tea increases the production of nitric oxide, reducing oxidative stress on joints in those who suffer from chronic inflammation.

Aids Healthy Digestion

Together, these two powerful ingredients team up to cleanse and flush out toxins from the body.
Ginger can be a lifesaver for the day-to-day digestion mishaps, from abdominal bloating to diarrhea and nausea.
Ginger may be effective in healing a distressed stomach caused by infections, pregnancy, or motion sickness.
On the other hand, matcha green tea may provide a positive impact on the way food is broken down and digested in the body for a more long-term effect.
Matcha may promote the oxidation of fat, which is the process of converting stored fats into energy, and in turn boosting healthy weight loss and digestion.

Boosts Immune System

This miracle drink even has antimicrobial properties that help to reduce flu-causing viruses and other bacteria from compromising your body’s immune system.
In addition, this dynamic duo can aid in preventing respiratory problems and infections in the sinus cavities, as ginger is known to clear the respiratory tract and drain mucus.
Together, matcha and ginger can strengthen your immune system and ward off potential seasonal infections looming in your environment.

Increases Circulation and Heart Health

The antioxidants in green tea have been shown to reduce levels of triglycerides and LDL cholesterol, or “bad” cholesterol.
When LDL cholesterol is lowered, it can lessen the chance of developing cardiovascular disease.
The combination of matcha and ginger can also assist in improving the flow of blood and increase the production of nitric oxide, which can aid in lowering high blood pressure, and again lessen the occurrence of cardiovascular complications.

Boosts Appearance of Skin and Hair

The uniting of matcha and ginger radiates antioxidant properties that prevent free radical damage and protects against aging, by evening skin tone and improving elasticity which can help to reduce the unwanted ‘C’ word… Cellulite!
This pair also has a plethora of minerals, fatty acids, and vitamins that help strengthen hair follicles to prevent damage, breakage, and hair loss.
Next time you reach for your morning cup of coffee, you may want to rethink your choice.
You could be warding off viruses, promoting circulation, benefiting your hair, or even reducing your overall stress and anxiety all in one simple cup of matcha green tea with ginger. Enrich your day with powerful antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatory properties for a true panacea.
Cheers to good health and enjoy your next cup of tea, knowing that you are fueling your body with wholesome goodness.

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